3 Bateman Street

Category: Residential

Location: Fremantle

Status: Completed 1999


Project Team:

Michael Patroni

Dimmity Walker



Michael Patroni



Michael Patroni


Project Description:

A reinterpretation and refurbishment of a turn of the century villa overlooking the city and the sea beyond. Its original and unusual inverted floor plan and earlier 1950’s renovations were the starting point for further provocative spatial manoeuvres that continue to engage the family that live there, visitors and passers by.

“This house represents a move away from the almost obsessive detailing of many recent Patroni Architects’ projects to a more immediate, robustly finished and idea rich house. Architect- owned homes have always provided a site for explorations of architecture. The Patroni residence reveals a practice deeply committed to the making of architecture that responds to place, light, openness and, this time family.” Kieran Wong Architectural Review Australia-Residential 02