Carrington Street

Category: Multiple Residential

Location: Hamilton Hill WA

Status: Completed December 2017.


AIA (WA Chapter) Award for Residential Architecture – Multiple Housing 2018

Project Team:

Michael Patroni

Dimmity Walker

Ryan Dunham

Clayton Edwards

Tobias Busch


Builder: Clintway Pty Ltd.


Carrington Street is a multiple residential development for low-cost housing, pared back to the bone in size and finish yet delivering well-designed, site specific, affordable housing that maximizes the yield and offers high quality spaces on a tight budget.

We have sought to ingrain design generosity at every opportunity within the limitations of the budget; common spaces open onto landscaped courtyards with wide low walls offering informal seating; Internally, details such as full height doors, large areas of glazing and private balconies expand the perception of modest spaces.

The architectural language is robust with a long life, low maintenance material pallet; the juxtaposition of the raking line of the parapet against the level line of the aluminium screen is the defining expression of the built form. The screen wraps much of the building acting as sun shading, privacy and security screening as well as balustrading to the balconies and stairs.