Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club

Category: Competition / Commercial

Location: Cottesloe WA

Status: Concept

Project Team:

Spaceagency in collaboration with MORQ

Project description:

In November 2007 spaceagency in collaboration with MORQ* submitted the winning entry to an invited competition hosted by Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club.

The materialisation of this concept will be a symbol of the vitality and proud tradition that distinguishes the Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club. It will cater for the Club’s activities as well as provide an exciting new civil space that will encourage community access and activity.

Primarily the architectural form and articulation are generated from the poetic imagery of: a tree rooted to the ground facing the elements and the harbouring action of the groyne before a prevailing sea. Secondarily, other relationships are established directly with the surrounding landscape adding depth and relevance to the concept. These two strong poetic images have been the primary generators for our concept’s form and articulation.

As the building is pointing into the wind, its spreading form assisted by the buckled ground plates shelter a plaza on the leaward side. This heroic stand mirrors that of the groyne that has created our most beautiful metro beach, the new building will enable a new civic place, which will be the venue for countless community and social events.

The proposal responds to the climatic conditions to provide a wind sheltered, sunny plaza space to the north.  A varying building envelope is proposed on the different orientations to take account of the solar trajectory, extremely corrosive marine exposure and the desirably of ocean views.