George St.

Category: Residential

Location: East Fremantle

Status: Completed Nov 2019


Project Team:

Dimmity Walker

Julia Kaptein


Texo (WA) Pty Ltd.


Detail MC

Project Description:

Alterations to a heritage listed, single story terrace in a row of 8 terraces on George St. East Fremantle.

We reprogrammed the existing ~85m2 space to create: a dressing room/occasional guest room; a bed room; and a bathroom/ laundry, within the original walls, and an open plan living, kitchen, dining room in the rear addition which opens onto a private courtyard.

The new bathroom maximizes its exposure to a small light court and is transformed into a luminous and delightful oasis.

The disappearing act, ‘now you see it – now you don’t’ kitchen, is designed to perform the role of several rooms when it is in fact only one.  We used a large-scale joinery unit to order the room and a sliding timber screen that dynamically conceals or reveals the kitchen as desired; it can be a library, a study, a living room, a dining room and sometimes a kitchen.

Floor to ceiling glazed sliding doors frame the garden courtyard at the end of this space.