Guerilla Bay

Category: Residential.

Location: Guerilla Bay, NSW

Status: Completed: April 2017.


Houses Awards 2018 – Shortlisted

Project Team:

Dimmity Walker

Ryan Dunham



TLC  Constructions.



The Robertsons Photography.


Project description:

Guerrilla Bay is a home and studio for two artists, composed of two pavilions set on a cliff with panoramic views across the Eurobodalla coastline.

Our conceptual approach was to privilege the spectacular setting, framing the views as though works of art. Designed to respond to the limitations of budget and the challenges of the site; exposure to salt, wind, and in a bush fire risk area, the buildings are modest, robust and raw.

The first pavilion, ‘home’, is conceived as a distilled dwelling, tightly composed to be as efficient as possible, but also a place of reverie and delight. The second pavilion is a shared studio space, formed as an extension of the existing garage, a space of industry and intention.

Working with the natural topography of the sloping site the two pavilions are arranged to create a courtyard between them on the lee side, the studio leans over the courtyard looking through and past the house to the view.

The original house, an unremarkable 50’s fibro with an oversized roof, had come to the end of its life and was demolished, while the garage was retained and extended to form the studio and workshop.