Irvine Street

Category: Residential

Location: Peppermint Grove

Status: Completed 2001

Awards: RAIA (WA Chapter) Residential Award 2002


Project Team:

Michael Patroni

Dimmity Walker

Andrea Veccia-Scavalli



Robert Frith


Project Description:

A Single house and tennis court, consciously designed to work as a town house and a larger family house subject to nomadic teenage children. Spaces are arranged about a “tram line” proportioned wall that dominates the building.

The spatial engagement with this wall accommodates a degree of solitude, as well as embracing the communal experience within the different areas of the house.

The wall as a tramline is a metaphor borrowed from the dynamic nature in which a tennis court, accommodates games for either singles or doubles.

“The Kimber House is “oh so livable” because the client and architect have collaborated to produce a masterwork that assembles space, manipulates light and integrates form with site. This house lays the inventory of space; it reconfigures parent modes and manipulates specific conditions to fashion new domestic experience. The work is Perthian because it chronicles local time, weather, moods and lifestyle, because it is deliberately abstract, as rendered by distance, and because it is miraculously brought together.” Stephen Neille- Monument – Residential Special 02.01