Kathleen Street

Category: Residential

Location: Cottesloe

Status: Completed 2013

Project Team:

Michael Patroni

Dimmity Walker

Clayton Edwards



Wandoo Building Co.



Michael Patroni

Dimmity Walker


Awards: AIA (WA Chapter) Residential Architecture Award for Houses (Alterations and Additions) 2014


Project Description:

The project is an alteration and addition of an existing C1930’s brick and tile bungalow, in the beach side suburb of Cottesloe.

The conceptual approach to the site was to celebrate the sense of connection with the beach side location; an informal ‘beach house’ spirit; fluid connection of inside to out; a house that inhales the cool sea breezes and captures glimpses of the iconic Cottesloe pine trees at sunset.

As the site is several blocks from the beach with no view of the ocean – an ‘imagined vista’ is superimposed onto the glass louver screen that shrouds the upper level; a pixelated pattern of translucent whites, blues and greys evoke light reflecting off the water or gathering clouds in a blue sky.

The composition of the addition is a play of ‘mass and lightness’, consisting of white painted brick, as counter weight to the dark cantilevered box above.

The dining, kitchen, living areas are anchored by a generous island bench that serves as the family ‘meeting’ place, openingup to the north onto a sheltered deck overlooking the lower swimming pool courtyard.

The resulting robust, refined home for parents with teenage sons, is perfectly tailored to the family’s lifestyle.