Category: Commercial / Hospitality

Location: Perth CBD

Status: Completed 1997


Project Team:

Michael Patroni

Dimmity Walker



Robert Frith


Project Description:

Sited within a pedestrian arcade, The Terrace Takeout was envisaged as an unfolding ‘lunch box’ for CBD types in a hurry. The concept was realised through the creation of a series of dynamic moving elements; the unfolding cabinets which glide into position at the touch of a button

The swinging refrigerated food displays result in a shop without any threshold – the interior is the arcade and vice versa. At mid – afternoon, the automated display boxes then close to transform the shop into an articulated sculptural object within the pedestrian arcade.

“The Lunch Box in Cloisters Square in the Perth CBD is a metaphor for the speedy, lunch-hungry city worker who comes to town in the morning only to disappear at night. Likewise, the lunch box unfolds to provide immediate service during the day, its automated panels folding back into themselves afterwards to transform into a sculptural object before the next lunchtime rush.” Leon van Schaik “Perth Stories” Monument- Issue 27