Republic of Fremantle Gin Distillery

Category: Hospitality

Location: Fremantle

Status: Work in progress.

Project Team:

Michael Patroni

Dimmity Walker

Tobias Busch

Project description:

The Republic of Fremantle is a boutique distillery of hand crafted gin and vodka, operating from a heritage listed warehouse in the historical West End of Fremantle.

Like Fremantle itself, the distillery is independent, spirited and embodies the attitude of its owners and the wider Fremantle community. The gin reflects the natural resources of the South West of Western Australia through botanical ingredients that reflect the flavours and fragrances of the Perth Coastal Plain.
It is only fitting that the distillery’s home is also an adaptive reuse of a piece of Fremantle’s heritage.

The impressive German-made still occupies the rear of a warehouse, simply modified to admit natural light and with a carefully crafted bar and mezzanine inserted into the large space.

A smaller bar occupies the front of the building, accessed directly from the street.

A new parklet allows the bar to spill out into the street and continue the activation of Packenham Street.

The project is a work in progress.