Rule St.

Category: Residential

Location: North Fremantle

Status: Completed April 2020


Project Team:

Dimmity Walker

Tobias Busch

Julia Kaptein

Monique Annesley


Talo Construction.



Project Description:

In making alterations and additions to an existing heritage limestone cottage in North Fremantle, our design approach was to reverse the figure/ground relationship, considering the outdoor areas as a primary ordering device, with the intention of creating strong connections to the garden.

The project is defined by a series of connections to garden spaces that activate both the front, back and belly of the house, in conjunction with a robust material palette of white painted brick, concrete and natural timber and tactile detailing.

The final composition of new and old provides the best of both worlds for our clients, being well suited to a modern lifestyle, while also preserving and maintaining the heritage fabric that characterises North Fremantle. Prioritising garden spaces is an inversion of the trend for larger houses on smaller blocks, often resulting in marginal outdoor spaces. Here the experiential qualities of space have been privileged over quantity.