Sail & Anchor

Category: Hospitality

Location: Fremantle

Status: Completed 1984


RAIA (WA Chapter) Recycled Buildings Category Award 1985
RAIA (WA Chapter) Restoration Category Commendation


Project Team:

Michael Patroni




Project Description:

Australia’s first pub brewery and the restoration of the former Freemasons’ hotel, was significant in the renaissance of Australian beer culture and the Town of Fremantle.

The imagery had to go no further than the richness of the brewer’s craft and the original building to guide a restoration that was intrinsically rich and uncontrived.

..“A bit of vision, imagination and faith worked wonders for the Sail And Anchor, rescuing it from gradual decay and transforming it into a thriving establishment of considerable charm. Such course must seem like heresy to the champions of the prevailing orthodoxy, which usually decrees that old buildings must either be replaced by glass boxes or turned into banks”.. Editorial, West Australian July 12, 1985

 “Loving and painstakingly, the partners and their young untried architect, Michael Patroni, renovated the building so that it now must rate as one of the finest in any Australian city…. the Freemason is everything most Australia pubs are not, even after their so-called renovations.” …The National Times Feb.22-28 1985.