The Queens Hotel

Category: Hospitality

Location: Highgate WA

Status: Completed 1987

Awards: RAIA (WA Chapter) Recycled Buildings Category Award 1988


Project Team:

Michael Patroni



Robert Frith


Project Description:

A very low budget pub refurbishment, where the primary device has been subtraction, without concern for healing the surface. The result maps the change and allows the former state to be read like a photographic negative.

The ruin image is very strong, but further I feel an expectant excitement akin to smelling freshly turned earth, or like visiting friends renovating their house.

The Queen’s Hotel is breaking all the normal building rules and principals, turning architecture upside down and inside out, literally flying in the face of convention. …. Everything seems to have been forgotten about tidying things up and finishing them off- what’s more architect Michael Patroni gets away with it…. The hotel is courageous, controversial and imaginative- it upsets the beaten path and does it so well contrived mayhem, organised chaos or romantic ruin, take your pick, it’s all of these and more.”,, Jury Report RAIA ADA 1988