The Royal George

Category: Residential + Hospitality

Location: East Fremantle

Status: Development Approval


Project Team:

Michael Patroni

Tobias Busch

Dimmity Walker

Julia Kaptein

Sam Mofflin





Project Description:

The Royal George Hotel is the most significant, but long vacant and neglected, building in the George Street precinct of East Fremantle. It’s impressive double storey and prominent cupola perched at the crest of the hill dominated the surrounded single storey array of shops and cottages when first erected and remains a clear landmark and community focus. The primary objective of this project is the restoration and reactivation of this building. The reactivation of the building with hospitality, food and beverage, accommodation and artisanal making will reinforce the local identity of the precinct, as well as bring additional amenity, economic benefit and employment to the community.

Secondary, is the infill development to the north of the existing building. Our proposed 9 story addition on the tightly constrained site is locally responsive and residential in scale and materiality. Its striking form respectfully retreats from the street as it rises to give prominence to the existing heritage cupola, while establishing a counterpoint to it at the opposite end of the site.

The building’s facets are clad in traditional zinc – both the shape and materiality are a nod to the predominant roof shape and material of the surrounding houses.

The proposed 23 apartments will add to the social and economic vitality of the precinct, provide a diversity of dwellings within the town and contribute to housing Perth and Peel’s 3.5M target through quality urban infill. 

A typical apartment floor contains 3 units. Corridors are short and single loaded, yet most apartments are full width, providing good natural daylight and cross ventilation. Retaining and reusing the existing built fabric of the old hotel represents a significant saving of resources. The building has been designed using passive environmental principals, and is set to be WA’s first net-zero operational carbon apartment building. Materials have been selected for long life and zero maintenance.