Ulster Rd.

Category: Residential

Location: North Fremantle

Status: Completed Jan 2020


Project Team:

Dimmity Walker

Tobias Busch

Julia Kaptein

Monique Annesley


Texo (WA) Pty Ltd.


Sustainable Garden Design



Project Description:

A courtyard house with the main internal spaces arranged around a spacious outdoor living room.

The courtyard is formed by a thick, stone clad wall that wraps the space and allows the house to push against and pull away from it to create a variety of places; a pond; a deep shaded recess; a perch; a cabana.

The stone paved courtyard with trees and living pond are the focal point of the ground level, while the first floor living spaces frame a view of a large ghost gum to the east and a bushland park in the distance to the west.

The architectural language references the mid century modern context of Floreat in it’s use of stone cladding, tiled walls, timber paneling, external vertical shade screen and parapet roofs, but is confidently contemporary.