Victoria Hotel

Category: Hospitality

Location: Subiaco

Status: Completed 1992


RAIA (WA Chapter) George Temple Poole Award 1993
RAIA (WA Chapter) Interiors Category Award
RAIA (WA Chapter) Commercial Buildings Award
City of Subiaco Award



Robert Frith


Project Description:

The refurbishment and reorientation of an inner city pub to a bar and restaurant courtyard was influenced by the earlier Queen’s hotel project.

At the Queen’s, all was subtraction and nothing added, like an unfinished sentence, here it is carried through to completion, with the highlighted new bar, stairway and toilet block juxtaposed with the neutral background of the original fabric.

“The old building has retained the vestiges of its original identity and character whilst being fully integrated with carefully configured components of construction. Materials choice, juxtaposition of elements and their detailing plays a vital in the architectural consistency and special quality of the project. The development meets its commercial agenda and operational parameters with obvious success and with a high degree of architectural sophistication.”… Jury Report RAIA ADA 1993