Project Year Type
Ronnie Nights, Fremantle 2018 Hospitality
Premier Mill Hotel, Katanning 2018 Hospitality
Strange Company, Fremantle 2015 Hospitality
University Club of WA, Restaurant and Bar Refurbishment, Crawley 2015 Hospitality
Single Residence, Guerilla Bay, NSW 2015 Residential
State Buildings; Petition Kitchen, Petition Beer & Petition Wine, Perth 2013 Hospitality
Supported Accommodation Hostel, South Terrace, Fremantle 2013 Commercial, Residential
Alteration & Addition, Norfolk St, Fremantle 2013 Residential
King St, Perth 2013 Commercial
Multi Res, Carrington St, Hamilton Hill 2013 Residential
Structure Plan, Knutsford, Fremantle 2012
Alex Hotel, 412 William St, Northbridge 2012 Hospitality
Comben Lane, 9 Jackson St, North Fremantle 2012 Residential
Office, Lord St, Perth 2012 Commercial
House, William St, Esperance 2011 Residential
Bread In Common, Pakenham St, Fremantle 2011 Hospitality
Multi-residential, Knutsford St, Fremantle 2011 Residential
Multi-residential, Springs, Rivervale 2011 Residential
Alteration & Addition, Kathleen St, Cottesloe 2011 Residential
House, Victoria Ave, Dalkeith 2011 Residential
Restaurant, William St, Perth 2010
House, Osbourne St, Gracetown 2010
House, Jackson St, North Fremantle 2010 Residential
Mixed Use, Carpark Pakenham Street 2009
Hotel, Little Creatures 2009
B.E.R. 2009
Cottesloe Surf Life Saving Club 2009 Commercial
Master Planning, Knutsford St Precinct, Fremantle 2008
House, Reserve St, Bicton 2008
Mixed use, Glyde St, Mosman Park 2008
Group housing, Haining Ave, Cottesloe 2008
Exchange Hotel, Pinjarrah 2008
Alteration, Bateman St, Fremantle 2008
Addition, Girton Lane, Fremantle 2008
Addition & alteration, Lakeview St, Prevelly 2008
Beachside Apartments, Leighton Beach 2008
Competition entry, Marine Pde, Cottesloe 2007
Apartments, Norfolk St, Fremantle 2007
House, Point Walter Rd, Melville 2007
House, Marine Teracce, South Fremantle 2007
Beachside Townhouses, Leighton Beach 2007
Covered Assembly, East Claremont Primary School 2006
Swanborne St Tower, Swanborne 2006
House, Clement St, Swanborne 2006
House, Keeling Way, South Fremantle 2006
Addition, Samson St, Mosman Park 2006
House, Attfield St, Fremantle 2006
House, Lumper St, Bunbury 2006
House, Jameson St, Mosman Park 2006
House, Stone Cres, Darlington 2006
Apartments, Park Ave, Crawley 2006
Design study, Knutsford St Precinct, Fremantle 2006
Nightclub, James St, Perth 2006
Apartments, Henry St, Fremantle 2006
Design study, Herbert St, Maddington 2005
Group housing, Ellenbrook 2005
South Beach Housing, South Fremantle 2005
Apartments, Sheoak Rd, Maddington 2005
Mixed use, Wray Ave, Fremantle 2005
Office Development, High St, Fremantle 2004
House, Jackson St, North Fremantle 2004
House, Gin Gin 2004
House, Carnac St, Fremantle 2003
House, McCleery St, Fremantle 2003
House, Keighley Rd, Subiaco 2003
House, Colonial Gardens, Mosman Park 2003
House, Queenslea Dr, Claremont 2003
Apartments, Collie St, Fremantle 2002
Holiday accommodation, Nairn St, Fremantle 2002
House, Inlet Dr, Denmark 2002
House, Veronica St, Willeton/Riverton 2001
Willespie Winery, Margaret River 2001
Apartment, Collie St, Fremantle 2001
House, Solomon St, Fremantle 2001
House, Staton Road, East Fremantle 2001
Improvement of public places, High St, Fremantle 2001
House, Waragoon Cres, Attadale 2001
House, Gooseberry Hill Road, Gooseberry Hill 2001
Pavillion, Girton Lane, Fremantle 2001
Redevelopment, South Terrace, Fremantle 2001
Design study, Café, Stirling Gardens, Perth 2000
House, San Filippe, Mexico 2000
Commercial refurbishment, High St, Fremantle 2000
Brewery, ECU, Joondalup 2000
House, Lifford Rd, Floreat 2000
House, Guy Place, Melville 2000
House, Gidgegannup 1999
House, Bateman St, Fremantle 1999
Design study, Bindarring Pde, Claremont 1999
House, Swanbourne St, Fremantle 1999
Private Dining Room, Fraser’s Restaurant, Kings Park 1999
Boardwalk Restaurant, Mandurah 1998
House, Alexandra Ave, Claremont 1998
Nine Room, Hyatt Hotel, Perth 1998
Mezzanine Restaurant, King St, Perth 1998
Waikiki Village Café, Waikiki 1997
Lunch Box Terrace Take Out, Cloisters Square, Perth 1997
Barista Restaurant, Napoleon St, Cottesloe 1997
Offices, Devil’s Lair Winery, Margaret River 1997
Pronto Restaurant, Bay View Terrace, Claremont 1997
Apartments, Ensign Lane, East Perth 1997
House, Barsden St, Cottesloe 1996 Residential
Design study, Suntec City, Singapore 1996 Commercial
Crows Nest Hotel, Sydney 1996 Hospitality
House, Irvine St, Peppermint Grove 1996 Residential
Restaurant fourteen 7, Oxford St, Leederville 1996 Hospitality
House, Swanbourne St, Fremantle 1995 Residential
Gate, Mouat St, Fremantle 1995 Object
Proposal, Caves House Resort 1995 Hospitality
Mixed use, Cnr Pakenham & Banister Sts, Fremantle 1995 Residential, Commercial
Multi residential, Boans Warehouse, East Perth 1995 Residential
Big Bar, Bigalaro Restaurant, Hampton Rd, Nedlands 1995 Hospitality
Tasting room fit out, Devil’s Lair Winery, Margaret River 1995 Hospitality
House, Girton Lane, Fremantle 1994 Residential
Dome Cafe’, Applecross 1994 Hospitality
House, Pamment St, North Fremantle 1994 Residential
Perth City Station Concourse 1994 Commercial
Multi residential, Boans Redevelopment, East Perth 1994 Residential
Dome Lane, Crawford, Singapore 1994 Hospitality
Done Cafe’, Fremantle 1994 Hospitality
Dome Cafe’, Subiaco 1994 Hospitality
House, Tydeman Rd, North Fremantle 1993 Residential
Dome Cafe’, Applecross 1993 Hospitality
Devil’s Lair Winery, Margaret River 1993 Hospitality
Office fit out, High St, Fremantle 1993 Commercial
Dome Coffee, Orchard Road, Singapore 1993 Hospitality
Cafe’ Oxford 130, Oxford St, Leederville 1993 Hospitality
Apartments, Mouat St, Fremantle 1993 Residential
Multi residential, Henry St, Fremantle 1993 Residential
Devil’s Lair Winery, Margaret River 1992 Hospitality
Houses, Pamment St, Fremantle 1992 Residential
Apartment, Mouat St, Fremantle 1992 Residential
Cafe, Beaufort St, Mt Lawley 1992 Hospitality
Multi residential, Victoria Ave, Claremont 1992 Residential
Mixed use, Cnr Nairn & Pakenham Sts, Fremantle 1992 Residential, Commercial
House, Pearse St, North Fremantle 1992 Residential
Subiaco Hotel, Subiaco 1992 Hospitality
Captain Stirling Bottle Shop, Stirling Hwy, Nedlands 1991 Commercial
Multi residential, Henry St, Fremantle 1991 Residential
Victoria Hotel, Subiaco 1991 Hospitality
Captain Stirling Hotel, Stirling Hwy, Nedlands 1990 Hospitality
Toledo Restaurant, Lake St, Perth 1990 Hospitality
Dome Cafe’, Sation St, Cottesloe 1990 Hospitality
Cafe, King St, Perth 1990 Hospitality
Coffee Palace, Rokeby Rd, Subiaco 1990 Hospitality
Bayview Bar, Astoria 1990 Hospitality
Oriel Cafe & Restaurant, Hay St, Subiaco 1988 Hospitality
Warehouse conversion, Raphael St, Subiaco 1988 Commercial
Boulevard Alehouse, Albany Highway, Victoria Park 1988 Hospitality
Bar, Elenders Lane, Melbourne 1988 Hospitality
House, Second Ave, Mt Lawley 1988 Residential
Matilda Bay Brewery, Stirling Hwy, North Fremantle 1988 Hospitality
The Brass Monkey, William St, Perth 1988 Hospitality
Adelphi Bar, Hilton Hotel, Mill St, Perth 1987 Hospitality
Sail & Anchor Balcony, South Tce, Fremantle 1987 Hospitality
Warehouse conversions, Samson St, Fremantle 1986 Commercial
Queens Hotel, Beaufort St, Highgate 1986 Hospitality
Mixed use, Hubble St, East Fremantle 1986 Commercial, Residential
House, Pier St, East Fremantle 1985 Residential
Terrace houses, Pearse St, North Fremantle 1985 Residential
Commercial fitout, Sail & Anchor, South Tce, Fremantle 1984 Commercial